Giddyup Trail Update July 2017

By Al Head

Holy cow! Can you believe it’s July? (I can’t.) And can you believe that, with your help and dedication, the Giddyup Trail Team has put in over 1600 hours on the trails this year? We’ve engaged almost 150 people in volunteer efforts on 74 days since we got started in the middle of March (just four months ago!). That’s amazing. Truly amazing.

Coming up:

We have some additional days that we need some help and support with.

  • May 20th was the first ever Colorado Public Lands Day and we had plans to have huge groups working consecutively at all three parks. Unfortunately, it snowed and the event was canceled. Well, neither we nor our good friends at Jeffco wanted to give up so easily, so we’ve re-scheduled the efforts for Saturday, August 19th. There will be a big party in the Apex parking lot afterwards with lunch, swag give-aways, shenanigans and, of course, beer:
  • Have you missed out on joining in the with Trail Team this summer? Well, you’re in luck: we need volunteers for Race Day! Now is the time to get on board the karma bus and make a difference in your MTB community by volunteering and supporting this great event that gives 100% of the proceeds back to supporting these stewardship efforts in JCOS. Tons of different shifts and roles available, check here for the full descriptions and to sign up to help:


Overall, the Giddyp Trail Team has done a great job of maintaining, repairing, and updating many areas of dilapidated trail, while preserving rugged character and challenge throughout.

That soggy corner on Hardscrabble? See ya, sucker. Drains and improvements up and down Sluicebox as well.
Some improvements (read: installing berms) on Bonanza at Apex. It’s hot and the dirt is like cement, but these folks worked hard to make it happen.

For those of you not on Facebookhere are some highlights of work this year: Drains, armoring and insloping of turns on North Table Loop; modifying/ repairing the “steps” on the top of Cottonwood trail with three lines of varying difficulty (as well as insloping turns above and below); we rebuilt a section of Enchanted Forest at Apex with several bermed turns and have been getting rave reviews; improved/bermed sections of Bonanza at Apex; Armored and improved several areas along upper Apex, Hardscrabble and Sluicebox at Apex; improved tons of areas on lower Chimney Gulch, and much much more.

Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the dedication and service of the Giddyup Trail Team. #shapewhatyoushred means so much more than what we do on the trails. We are helping to shape the perception of mountain bikers in our community and beyond.

See you out there!


author: Al Head