A peaceful walk in the woods

By: Ben

Some days, I’m one of you. Soaring down the trail on two wheels, flowing into the corners, letting the rear tire drift a bit. Some days, I’m a parent hiking with my daughter. And, depending on the trail, I’m on high alert for a rider ripping into the blind corner we’re rounding. Slightly stressed an...


Our work is never done

Ever had a fellow rider come screaming downhill, their bars an inch from yours, while you’re slogging up a climb? Rider-on-rider aggression is the worst. If we can’t count on each other, who can we count on out there? Happened to me this morning. I was happily grinding up Pick ’n Sledge on my way to...


Memorable Harshed Mellows

By: Pogo

Rattlesnakes. Nothing like the eerie skittering of a rattlesnake tail to freeze one’s blood and focus attention while running a trail. Luckily, I’d been warned: about a minute earlier a mountain biker pulled over to let me pass and give me the reptilian news (thanks again, random bearded...


Them’s the Laws of the Trail

By: Ben

Howdy Friend, The Giddyup is all about building community – on the trail and off. With our volunteer teams working on trails throughout Golden, we see lots of great moments between riders and other trail users. And some not so great ones, too. That’s why, with our friends at Laws Whiskey, we’r...