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  • Is the Giddyup a Race or a Ride?

    Both – you can race the timed sections on course or you can ride the whole thing on closed trails with friends. The Enduro-style event is about going fast sometimes and enjoying yourself all the time.

  • Do I have to do trail work to enter the Giddyup?

    No – but we sure would like everyone to know the feeling of accomplishment of getting dirty for the trails you ride and love. Everyone is welcome to contribute what they can, even if it’s an entry fee; it still supports the organization and the mission of getting mountain bikers involved in creating, maintaining and caring for trails in Jefferson County.

  • How can I join the Stewardship effort?

    By contacting Al Head, our trail sensei. He will connect you to the leader at the park of your choice with opportunities to get involved.

  • Do I need any special equipment to help on the trails?

    Just your pretty face, a good attitude, closed-toe shoes, work gloves, water, sunscreen and be otherwise prepared to take care of yourself.  Oh, and a signed waiver and Volunteer Service Agreement, both of which you can find on our Stewardship Resources page.

  • Can my kids come to the Giddyup?

    Heck yes! This is an event that celebrates the town of Golden, the trails we love and all users of Open Space. Little cowboys and cowgirls will find activities and events to keep them entertained all day.

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