The Golden Giddyup features three of the most used — and loved — parks in the Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) system that connect to downtown Golden: Apex Mountain Park, Windy Saddle Park, and North Table Mountain Park. Riders start and finish in Lions Park, riding a course that begins by first tackling Chimney Gulch to Apex before looping back into Lions Park on the way to North Table Mountain for the second half of the course.

Protecting the trails in use by the event is of paramount importance to the event organizers, which is why we prioritize engaging the mountain bike community in the maintenance, repair and building of trails in Jefferson County Open Space. In fact, 100% of the proceeds from the race help support and expand these stewardship efforts.

The Giddyup Trail Team is the trail stewardship component of the Giddyup.  With several thousand hours put in on our trails in the past few years, our volunteer efforts help maintain and improve the trails in these parks, with a special eye on improving the experience for mountain bikers (while enhancing the experience for all visitors). While improving our trails, our volunteers also improve relationships with Jeffco staff as well as other park visitors, representing mountain bikers as stewards of the trails and locally engaged citizens. #shapewhatyoushred.

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In addition to our beloved volunteers, the Giddyup Trail Team depends on several committed and trained team members.  We have 6 Leads committed to 100+ hours of trail work this year, and 17 Crew members, who have committed to 45+ hours.  As a dedicated member of the Giddyup Trail Team, our Leads and Crew members will work closely with our Trail Team Supervisor and Jeffco Trails Specialists to execute and help manage work projects for the Trail Team and participating volunteers. Their primary role is as a regularly participating member of this team, working to advance their skills and abilities out on the trail, and helping to run trail efforts further into the season.

We hope you’ll come join these hearty folks and volunteer with us this season.  You will have a ton of fun, you’ll make like-minded friends, you’ll ride bikes, drink beer (whiskey/water/ soda- whatever is your thing), get a great workout (who needs CrossFit?), and you’ll build relationships and strengthen our role in the community.

Check our calendar of events, here.

We are no longer taking applications for the 2017 Trail Team, but there are tons of ways to get involved.  Join the Giddyup Trail Team club on Yazda and check out our list of events here to come out and volunteer!
Thanks for your support!

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On this page, you’ll find everything from registration information to helpful videos that cover some of the basic principles of trail design and maintenance. Crew Leads might reference these videos periodically and encourage participants to review prior to efforts so that we’re all familiar with the goals and terminology.



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