IMG_0172This event is possible because of the hard work of the many volunteers who put in hours to repair our trails after the floods of 2013 (see Our Story). In the process of getting the trails re-opened, we were supported by and worked closely with staff at Jeffco Open Space and developed strong relationships in the process. As a result, we were able to have conversations about the first ever mountain bike event inJeffco Open Space parks. Service is where we started, and service is what keeps it going. As part of our commitment to stewardship and helping maintain our trails, the Golden Giddyup is committed to a minimum of 600 hours of stewardship per year, or one hour per rider. Every penny of profit that comes from the event is invested back into making our trails better through supporting stewardship efforts facilitated by the Giddyup Trail Team. Marion Wright Edelman once said that “Service is the rent we pay for living.” At the Golden Giddyup, we think service is the rent we pay for riding.

Marion Wright Edelman once said that “Service is the rent we pay for living.” At the Golden Giddyup, we think Service is the rent we pay for riding.

  • The Goal

    Jeffco Open Space consists of 28 parks and 230 miles of trail, and mountain bikers are one of the largest user groups on these trails.  The Golden Giddyup is designed to engage the mountain bike community in the maintenance, repair and building of new trails inJeffco Open Space. It is our belief that, though stewardship efforts, riders develop a sense of ownership and pride over the trails while also understanding some of the basic design and maintenance skills that keep our trails from deteriorating too rapidly.

  • The Model

    The Giddyup Trail Team depends on several committed and trained Team members and lots and lots of volunteers.  Trail Team Leads and Crew members work closely with Jeffco Open Space staff, reviewing trail projects, planning efforts and procuring tools and materials needed.   In 2017, we’ll have evening efforts every week, and weekend efforts twice monthly.  Check out our events schedule, here.  It’s amazing what can get done with a few willing hands and a couple of hours.  #shapewhatyoushred

  • Trainings

    We will be hosting training sessions for Trail Crew Leads as well as on-the-trail skills sessions as part of our efforts throughout the season. Click on the Calendar to get involved and attend one of these trainings!

  • Industry Incentives

    We are working closely with Golden Bike Shop, WheatRidge Cyclery, and other local entities to provide incentive packages as ways of saying thank you to our volunteers.  Depending on the hours you contribute, you could earn deep discounts at our partner shops, as well as discounted registration for the Giddyup. There will probably also be several free beers along the way.

    We will also have celebrations throughout the season for our volunteers, supported and sponsored by our partners.

    See more about incentives
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On this page, you’ll find everything from registration information to helpful videos that cover some of the basic principles of trail design and maintenance. Crew Leads might reference these videos periodically and encourage participants to review prior to efforts so that we’re all familiar with the goals and terminology.

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