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The Giddyup Trail Team depends on lots and lots of volunteers! In 2017 we’ll have evening efforts every week, and weekend efforts twice monthly.

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IMBA Trail Building Series

We will periodically reference these links prior to efforts to help volunteers understand the work planned for the day.


Ch. 1: The most important steps

Building Relationships :07
Present Proposal :57
Be patient 1:40
Environmental Study 2:20

Ch. 2: Trail Design Mistakes

Fall Line Trails
Building on Flat Ground

Ch. 3: Designing Sustainable Trails

Sustainable Design Features 1:30
Sheet Flow 1:40
10% Avg Grade 2:05
Half Rule & Max Sustainable Grade 3:25-7:12
Grade Reversals 7:13
5* Outsloped Tread 7:49

Ch. 4: Let’s Get Dirty!

Building a Rolling Contour Trail

Safety: :42

Circle of Death 1:15
Coming Prepared 1:35
Outlining the Tread 1:53
Clearing the Corridor 2:57
Digging the Tread 3:42
Shaping the Backslope 5:32
Outsloping the Tread 6:12
Naturalizing the Construction Zone 7:15

Ch. 5: Armoring

Stockpile Rocks :27
Anchor Stones :41
Paving Stones :52
Water Crossings 1:28

Ch. 6: Creating Challenge

Integrating natural features

Ch. 7: Maintaining Trails

Reopen the corridor :28
Re-establish Outslope/ deberming :36
Improve Water Drainage :53
Water Bars 1:45
Knicks 2:01
Rolling Grade Dips (and Grade Reversals) 2:36
Maintenance 3:23

Ch. 8: Reclaiming Trail